MYOB Introduction Course

MYOB Introduction Course
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Learn the fundamentals of small business accounting using one of the world’s most popular applications, MYOB. This Introduction Course is designed for absolute beginners, covering the fundamentals of bookkeeping and how the application can streamline your accounting operations.

This comprehensive overview makes the course perfect for:

  • Accounts receivable clerks who need to use MYOB to process incoming payments.
  • Accounts payable clerks responsible for processing outgoing payments.
  • General accounts clerks or bookkeepers responsible for the day-to-day financial activities in the business.
  • Persons wanting to learn basic bookkeeping skills required to secure new career in small business accounting.

The course begins with helping students become familiar with the MYOB accounts system interface and where to find the most commonly-used features and tools.

The entire course is delivered online via our learning platform, making course materials available for use whenever and wherever the student chooses. Each module uses a combination of instructor-led videos, practical exercises, flash cards and quizzes to give students a way to test the concepts they are being taught. The self-study approach ensures that participants are in complete control of their learning.

The MYOB Introduction Course also gives students access to our social network, allowing them to ask questions and seek advice from other learners. This collaborative approach to learning provides the support participants require to see their training through to the end.

Key learning points

Students need no prior experience of bookkeeping or accounting to begin the MYOB Introduction Course, although those who have may find the earlier modules slightly easier. This basic level approach ensures that all students will be able to competently perform day-to-day bookkeeping duties using MYOB.

The course modules cover topics including:

  • Basic familiarisation with the MYOB software interface, and where to find the most commonly-used tools.
  • How to set up a new company file to store accounts.
  • Introduction to the Chart of Accounts, and managing accounts set up in MYOB.
  • Understanding Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts.
  • Keeping customer and supplier records up to date.
  • Managing customer purchases from purchase order creation through to logging quotes and converting them to orders.
  • Managing invoices and paying suppliers.
  • Managing the sales lifecycle with MYOB.
  • Generating reports to gain greater insight into financial operations.
  • Receivables and receiving payments from customers, and issuing statements and receipts.
  • Using the Banking Module to manage cashflow.
  • Performing reconciliations to ensure accounts data matches actual bank balances.
  • Using backup and restore to protect accounts data from loss.

advantages of this course

By completing the MYOB Introduction Course, students will be fully prepared to take over basic bookkeeping duties using the MYOB system.

Other benefits associated with the course include:

  • The skills required to help streamline accounts functions.
  • Basic reporting skills required to help better manage company cashflow.
  • The necessary knowledge and experience to secure a promotion within the accounts team at work.
  • A fully-transferrable skillset that can be used in any accounts department at any small or medium-sized firm who use MYOB software.

Once complete students will be fully prepared to assist with basic accounts and bookkeeping duties. They will also have acquired the basic skills required to take their learning to the next level, working towards earning a full accounting qualification.

  • MYOB Overview and Orientation
  • Creating a new Company file
  • The Chart of Accounts
  • Opening Balances
  • The Card file
  • Working with the Purchases module
  • Paying for Purchases
  • Working with the Sales module
  • Reports
  • Receiving Payments from your Customers
  • The Banking Module
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Backups
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Online Course
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