Create Art by Coding with Wacom Tablets and Corel Painter (EC113619)

Create Art by Coding with Wacom Tablets and Corel Painter
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Creating visually appealing art is one of the most important aspects of design and with this package you can create art by using coding to create shapes and graphics, and utilising the Wacom Intuos tablet and Corel Painter software.

In coding, you will use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), which is an XML-based vector image format which support interactivity and animation. It allows you to produce an image which will be supported by all major modern web browsers, with the ability for them to be edited with any text editor or drawing software.

The Wacom Intuos tablet is designed for easy design and artistry with the next generation of technology. You are guided through how to correctly set up your tablet ready to create art and how to use the Corel Painter software to draw stunning pieces. These principles will all be put together to give you a deep knowledge of creating digital art.


  • Create shapes and graphics that are scalable depending on the size you need
  • Implement the Bezje curve which models smooth curves which can scale indefinitely
  • Learn how to save your images in other formats
  • Get to grips with the ViewBox and its attributes to help you view and scale your creations
  • Test functionality and cross browser compatibility
  • Work with polygons and how to effectively add them to your animations
  • Create and add trees and other objects to bring your animations to life
  • Introduction to your Wacom tablet and Corel Painter
  • How to get started with your tablet
  • How you can use Corel Painter alongside your Wacom tablet for optimum results
  • How to hone your artistic talents
  • Shading on drawings
  • Shaders and brushers
  • How to turn your tablet, without actually turning your tablet


  • Gain real experience by working on actual projects
  • Incorporate these skills and combine them with CSS to use images you create in web pages
  • Build images that can scale indefinitely
  • Style shapes and interact with them in JavaScript
  • Alter shapes for use on webpages
  • Create digital art to add another skill to your creative repertoire
  • 12-month access to the course content
  • 24/7 course access to study anytime, anywhere
  • Courses taught by highly experienced tutors