Learn How to Create Art and Websites Using Code (EC113621)

Learn How to Create Art and Websites Using Code
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Aesthetically pleasing art and websites can be a great pointer to employers and customers alike of the skills you possess in creating visually stunning art. In this package, you will learn how to use SVG files to create images by coding instead of using a design with the help of this intuitive file type.

This knowledge will be added to a coding for Designers course. The Coding for Designers course will help you to deliver exactly what you need, whether it be for personal preference, or a professional brief, to make the desired impact. Designers will be able to understand programming and speak technical terms with a web development team to make the communication more efficient, breaking down jargon and barriers.


  • Course overview
  • Introduction to what you’ll be building in the course and the resources available to you
  • Make a start with your first HTML and CSS web page
  • Discover how to make a site responsive on different devices
  • Learn how to code a navigation hamburger menu
  • Look at styling a responsive navigation menu
  • Preview pages in real time on a phone and tablet
  • Understand how to work with typography on a website page
  • What is a hero box, and how to create it
  • Practise adding an image grid to your website
  • Learn how to publish a website to the internet
  • Final thoughts on coding
  • Adobe Dreamweaver cheat sheet - professional shortcuts
  • Create shapes and graphics that are scalable depending on the size you need
  • Implement the Bezje curve which models smooth curves which can scale indefinitely
  • Learn how to save your images in other formats
  • Get to grips with the ViewBox and its attributes to help you view and scale your creations
  • Test functionality and cross browser compatibility
  • Work with polygons and how to effectively add them to your animations
  • Create and add trees and other objects to bring your animations to life


  • Gain real experience by working on actual projects.
  • Incorporate these skills and combine them with CSS to use images you create in web pages.
  • Build images that can scale indefinitely.
  • Style shapes and interact with them in JavaScript.
  • Alter shapes for use on webpages.
  • A series of practical website building skills you can apply to any project.
  • Use what you’ve learned to build a new website for your blog, business, or to build upon web based career options.
  • Gain confidence in coding.
  • 24/7 access to the course content.