Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing
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This great value short online course provides a fantastic introduction to the world of crystal healing. Crystal healing is an ancient and popular alternative therapy which involves the application of crystals or gemstones to the body of the person being treated.

What Will I Learn?

As you work through the course you will learn all about the stones used in crystal therapy such as amethyst, apatite, green serpentine, turquoise, quartz and bloodstone. You’ll focus on how these crystals are utilised in treating various conditions of the body and mind.

Is the Course For Me?

There are no prerequisites for signing up to the course apart from a desire to learn about crystal healing and an internet connection. The course contains all you need to know to begin your career as a therapist in this field, but it’s also ideal for people who want to use crystal healing in a personal capacity. All study takes place online with no deadlines to meet or classes to attend, so it’s easy to learn your new skill without neglecting your existing personal and work commitments.

Key Learning Points

Progress through the four detailed modules to discover all you need to know about the art of crystal healing.

  • Get a comprehensive introduction to the practice of crystal healing.
  • Move on to learning about the healing properties of amethyst.
  • Find out all you need to know about how apatite is used in crystal healing.
  • Gain an insight into green serpentine and its various uses.
  • Focus on the healing properties of the turquoise gemstone.
  • Find out how quartz is used by healers.
  • Learn about the various uses of bloodstone.
  • Discover how to choose the appropriate crystals to suit different needs.

Advantages of the Course

  • Learn on all your internet-enabled devices at a time and in a place of your choosing.
  • The short, easy-to-navigate modules make it convenient for you to access learning in your free time.
  • Online support is available, should you run into difficulties.
  • No qualifications are needed to embark on this course.
  • 12 months access to the course makes it easy for you to go at your own pace and recap learning whenever you need to.
  • Gaining the Crystal Healing Certificate could even be stepping stone to a new career in alternative therapy.

Unlock the world of crystal healing by signing up to the Crystal Healing Certificate today.

This course is CPD certified.

  • What’s Behind Crystal Healing
  • About Amethyst and Apatite
  • Green Serpentine, Turquoise Gemstone and Quartz
  • The Blood Stone and How to Choose the Right Crystals
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