Stop Smoking NOW! Day & Night Session Package

Stop Smoking NOW! Day & Night Session Package
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Give up smoking – finally and forever

If you’ve ever really wanted to give up smoking but just can’t stop yourself reaching for those cigarettes. Or you’ve tried everything from patches and gum to sheer will power – all without success – then NLP could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Whilst other so-called ‘cures’ only treat the physical side of the addiction, NLP treats the reasons why. It does this by giving you the tools you need so that you can control your thoughts and feelings whenever a craving appears.

Which means you’ll also have the tools you need to control those cravings too, straight away – with nothing more than good old-fashioned brain power.

Why use NLP to stop smoking?

Neurolinguistic Programming works on the assumption that behaviour is driven from our unconscious. It seeks to re-programme the unconscious and so remove that unwanted behaviour – changing your relationship with cigarettes forever.

Our MP3 download is compatible with any up-to-date MP3 player and includes a daytime and night-time session so that you can relax and listen to it at your own leisure. Listen every day for four weeks in a row, even if you give up smoking sooner, to embed those behaviour patterns for the long term.

The benefits of giving up smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but did you also know that, according to the NHS, stopping smoking:

  • Improves the chance of a disease-free, mobile and happier lifestyle.
  • Reduces your stress levels at work and personal life.
  • Improves your sense of smell and taste.
  • Gives you more energy and boosts your immune system.
  • Improves fertility and makes it easier to get pregnant.
  • Gives you younger looking skin.
  • Let’s you breathe more easily.
  • Gives you whiter teeth.

Imagine what you could look like in 6 months’ time, as a healthy, fit, non-smoker? How about 6 years’ time?

Download now and take on the suggestions given in the mp3 and see for yourself how you can take control of your life right now. Stop Smoking NOW! A cigarette-free life is now well within your grasp.

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